1. Starting!

This is the first step towards achieving better personal satisfaction, effectiveness and team spirit with our giving and volunteering activities.

What will you learn at this level?

  • How to define your priorities?
  • How to formulate your goals and objectives?
  • How to find good and interesting causes which worth joining? So as to be sure that your help matters!
  • How to distinguish true and false causes?
  • How to plan your campaign?
  • How to organise a giving or volunteering initiative or campaign in the organisation at which you work?
  • How to organise giving and volunteering campaigns which are not one-time events but last for years ahead?
  • How to be sure that organisations or causes you support will not misuse your donation?
  • How to achieve better personal satisfaction with our giving and volunteering activities?
  • What is motivation? How to get self-motivated with things we do?
  • How to re-motivate our team through working on social causes?

How to achieve these?

  • Individual coaching sessions;
  • Individual consultations;
  • Participation in open-space meetings for discussion and exchange of experience.

  • Organisation of group brainstorming meetings;
  • Organisation of task-force planning meetings;
  • Group consultations;
  • Group coaching sessions.

Contact me for arranging a consultation or coaching session. Or for receiving guidance how to proceed.