2. Networking!

The second step is to find adherents and to inspire them to join the cause and support it on a long-term basis.

What will you learn at this level?

  • How to identify potential adherents and build networks and communities?
  • How to inspire your colleagues to join a giving initiative or volunteer for a cause?
  • How to motivate others to continue after the first act of giving or volunteering?
  • How could giving and volunteering influence your personal branding?
  • How to incorporate work on social causes into your personal branding?
  • How to include giving and volunteering into daily activities of the organisation at which you work or have created?
  • How could giving and volunteering enrich people management practices at your organisation and unite the team?
  • How could support for giving and volunteering causes boost your employer branding?

How to achieve these?

  • Individual coaching sessions;
  • Individual consultations;
  • Participation in open-space meetings for discussion and exchange of experience;
  • Participation in joint events.

  • Group consultations;
  • Group coaching sessions;
  • Facilitation of group meetings;
  • Team building with a cause.

Contact me for arranging a consultation or coaching session. Or for receiving guidance how to proceed.