Joint Initiatives

Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM)

The goal of the joint initiative with BAPM is to focus the attention of experts who are responsible for people management on corporate social responsibility (SCR), giving and volunteering and how to incorporate them into their HR practices and activities. Usually at organisational level, CSR-related topics are seen as part of the PR work. However, their HR function becomes more and more important, especially in line with the opportunities working on social causes could provide for team building, motivation and engagement.

Everything started in August 2016 with a series of materials in the online newsletter of the Association – Informator. Their aim was to introduce the HR community to the topic and to give it another tool for increasing employees’ performance and engagement, building team spirit, inspiring for new ideas and starting new initiatives.

Guided by our belief that sharing our ideas or initiatives makes finding adherents much more easy and that synergy and joint efforts multiply results we achieve, we decided to continue and give the opportunity to companies to share their good practices. What is more – storytelling inspires further. So, we moved to the next stage – to present good practices that already exist and have proved throughout the years. With this we want to bring good examples out of anonymity and share them. So as other people and companies can follow suit. Or include them into their corporate values.

Currently the published materials are available only in Bulgarian. Their English versions will follow soon. You could find them in the online newsletter Informator or in Helpful tips section.

BCause Foundation

Joint initiatives with BCause Foundation aim to promote good practices and successful stories of companies that have incorporated giving and volunteering into their corporate values and organisational policies and practices. Since 2014 the Foundation, along with the Bulgarian Public Relations Association and the Bulgarian Association for People Management, has been a co-organiser of the Annual Award “Responsible Company – Responsible Employees”.

With the help of BCause, we tell stories of companies with successful CSR practices. This way, we want to encourage other organisations to start giving and volunteering initiatives. And to become good doers.

The stories are published in the online newsletter of the Bulgarian Association for People Management – Informator. Currently they are available only in Bulgarian, but their English versions will follow soon. You could also find them in Helpful tips section.

Momichetata ot grada

Along with the Internet media “Momichetata ot grada”, we work for popularizing the importance of long-term engagement with social causes. With our publications, we want to change the attitudes towards giving and volunteering, so as they are not seen as one-time acts and work on sporadic and heterogeneous initiatives, but as a pro-active and conscious support for causes. Support which aims personal engagement with those we help, personal satisfaction from things we do and focus on results we achieve. This means to support our causes in such a way so our time, efforts and money have sustainable effect and those, who are supported, are empowered to continue on their own.

Materials are published on Momichetata ot grada but you could also find them in Helpful tips section. Currently the publications are available only in Bulgarian. Their English versions will follow soon.


Contact me if you have an interesting story which you like to share. I will help you shape it and we will disseminate it. Because I believe that shared experience helps us move forward and find adherents. And in this way, new ideas come easily!