About me

My name is Mariana Petrova. By education, I’m a political scientist. I also graduated Journalism, however I haven’t worked at media. I jumped into the non-for-profit sector instead, where I’ve had more than 18 years of fantastic experience with different social causes. Meanwhile I acquired several qualifications in the areas of adult learning, organisational development, social entrepreneurship, mediation, etc. Almost all my experience is linked with working on projects, campaigning, involving stakeholders in decision making processes, capacity building of small, medium and bigger NGOs, companies and institutions. For many years I’ve been a member of the Bulgarian Association for People Management (BAPM) and the British Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). I also love writing…

But how did I come to the idea about this initiative?

Perhaps I’ve always had the wish to volunteer and give. However, I realised it for the first time during my work for the US Peace Corps. If you don’t know, this is a state agency sending civil volunteers all over the world. At that time I saw how big results could be achieved with non-paid efforts of a volunteer. Or with someone’s donations, even if they’re not big amounts. And these inspired me.

After that for more than 8 years I’ve helped (and still do) organisations, non-formal groups and individuals that want to organise giving or volunteering campaigns, and to improve effectiveness of their good doing initiatives. And again saw how big results could be achieved through giving and volunteering. But also realised that there are too many people and organisations that want to give and volunteer bit don’t know how to do that. Or don’t know from where to find information. Or don’t know to whom to turn for advice or sharing of experience. Or that they often spread their support among too many small initiatives and that’s way lose their focus and can’t see the results from their deeds.

And decided that there is a need for such initiative. One that brings in one place useful information and practical ideas what the most important things that people should consider are, irrespectively if they want to organise a giving or volunteering initiative in the company or organisation they work at, or with their friends and family. And to know to whom to turn if they have a particular question or a specific case. So as to be sure that they’ll receive practical advice what to do to be successful with their initiative.

Because I strongly believe in good-doing and that everyone can find their cause. The only thing is to have the wish to do it.